I want to make sure I am not going on that plane. These charter flights are modern slavery.

I was detained 9th august last year and taken to the detention centre in Dorset. I claimed asylum in Dorset on 15th august. Before claiming asylum, they said an immigration officer would come within 48hours. But within 120hours still no officer came. When I was seen by an immigration officer, I complained that I had waited but nothing happened about the complaint.

I wrote 6 temporary admission letters, after claiming asylum, they were all ignored.

Early September I was transferred to Harmondsworth. When I came to Harmondsworth I came to welfare surgery to complain about the 120hour delay before being seen by an immigration officer and hearing nothing back about temporary admission and still nothing was done.

When I got to Harmondsworth I was treated like a prisoner, they locked me in the room after 8pm everyone is locked in. My liberty has not been respected. My human rights have not been respected. I spent 3 days in induction, before an officer transferred me to the ‘vulnerable adult’ section. I the ‘vulnerable adult’ section they don’t lock the door and you have just one room mate.

I ask the guards can you help me to call caseworker or immigration they do not support me, they don’t really care. When you go to complain they just ignore you. The healthcare department is totally s**t. The food is tasteless, rice and chicken, potato every week, the chips are cold, the food is totally outrageous, totally s**t, tastless, doesn’t taste of anything. When I book an appointment to get clothes for the gym, they said they couldn’t help, they said I had to wear my jeans! Do they want me to be naked?!

That was some months ago.

I went to the asylum appointment. They put me on fast track- I’m not meant to be on fast track. It is meant to be finished but they are still doing it in secret! They decided my case in 1 week. On 11th September I went for the induction and on the 12th I went for the screening, 2 weeks after I went for the big interview. They said the decision would be made in one week. How can 1 week be enough time to get evidence? I need to get evidence from Nigeria, speak to my friends, to the doctors. Its not enough time.

I went to the healthcare on mid December. I went for my Rule 35 report. The doctor gave me the Rule 35 report saying I am an ‘adult at risk’ and not meant to be detained. I have scars from torture. The doctor said they are satisfied I am victim of torture. I sent the report to immigration, 3 days later immigration called me, they have assessed the rule 35 report. They agree I am a victim of torture but they still want to detain me. I quoted their policy to them but they said they “don’t know”. Now I have been detained for 4 months.

I went for bail, with my 2 sureties. The judge mentioned about my case- this is not meant to be in the bail hearing, it is meant to be just am I a risk to the public, do I have a certain address and sureties. The judge said “I’m refusing bail because you didn’t claim asylum on time”. The judge is not meant to mention about this. He refused the bail. I applied again for Temporary Admission in mid December, they ignored it.

At the moment, I have got my new evidence from Nigeria and am making a fresh claim. I have a letter from medical justice supporting my fresh claim but I am waiting for the doctor. But I have a ticket for the charter Flight on Tuesday I don’t know if they are going to cancel my ticket? They need to defer the ticket, they need to cancel it, but I don’t know what the home office is doing?? I want to make sure I am not going on that plane. These charter flights are modern slavery.

They are not helping at all. They are not following the rules. They are treating people like they are animals. No human rights. They didn’t respect anything. They are not helping anybody.

Two Wednesdays ago they said, ‘Someone is here to take you’.

Two Wednesdays ago they said, ‘Someone is here to take you’. I asked ‘Who? No one is supposed to be taking me.’ There were two people to take me to a flight. I didn’t know anything about this and I refused to go. The next day my caseworker put through for a temporary release.

One minute they send officers to put me on a plane, the next minute my caseworker is applying for temporary release. None knows whats going on here.

It is really really a lot to bare, being in detention. My partner and my kids are wasting away. My boy, he is two years old, if i don’t speak to him he can’t sleep. He wakes up screaming in the night. I speak to hm all the time, he wakes up in the morning and he wants to speak to me straight away. My daughter is bigger – she has decided she doesn’t want to see me in here again. She said if I don’t get released soon she is going to run away. My boy comes, and he is happy when he is here but when they go he is crying. Both he and my partner broke down last time they were leaving here. They just lock you up in here the pretend like  you don’t exist.

The original application that they detained me for, I sent them last week and they said there wasn’t payment for it. But i know there was money for it if they tried. My solicitor said this is just what they do. They don’t care, the only objective is get you out the country. I’ve seen what they do to people to get them out of here. Three, four officers bust into your room early in the morning and force you out on to a plane.

I haven’t been in my home country for 19 years. I haven’t any family there. My family is here. Why they want to send me back there? I’ve been in this country 19 years, I don’t have a criminal record in this country. I stopped working cos if i worked they said it would be a criminal offence so i’ve been staying indoors and looking after my kids. Everything they say i’ve been doing to play by the rules.

The home office don’t realise what they are doing to people. It is really unfair. Really really unfair.

They call it ‘Notorious Yarls Wood’, and it is notorious.

They don’t give you a ticket, they give you a window of time. They say, ‘You will go within these three days, or five days.’ They changed this about a month ago. Why is this? Because we would call our solicitors straight away and stop the flight. As I am talking there is a woman next door who is supposed to be taken to the airport today, deported to Pakistan. There were supposed to be 15 women deported yesterday, to Nigeria. There was a flight stop about two months ago, people refused to go. We grouped up for three days in one room, refused to eat and everything, and the charter flight didn’t happen. So now they takes one by one into isolation so we can’t be in solidarity and stop the flight together. The bus comes, the bus is called ‘THE JOURNEY BEGINS HERE’. That is the name of bus that takes the women. This bus took the women to Stansted Airport for a charter flight to go to Nigeria and Ghana. We really fear for our safety here. Our experiences here leave us with depression, sleep disruption and mental health. We are like zombies.

It really reminds us of the history you read about slaves. When they used to take people and put them in the ships, to take them and go and sell them. Now, they are doing this here. Yarls Wood is a slave ship. They take you from here and put you on a charter flight. The G4S, the owners of this place, they get a lot of money when they deport people out of the country. There was a woman here who wanted to go, her daughter bought her a ticket to leave but they didn’t like this because they don’t get all the money from it. They took their time to let her go, but when they want to deport you they move quickly, because they get money from it.

When you look in Yarls Wood there is no white person in here, we are all Indian, Chinese and African. It is racism. They don’t want any people of colour in this country. There are white Zimbabweans who are claiming asylum but they can do it outside. We are treated as animals. One officer said to us they get £300 a week for each of us.

The people in the Mediterranean, we are like this. This is our ship, we are drowning. We don’t have life jackets, we need lifejackets. Our life jackets are you people out there. Please help us.

I have been in England 20 years, I paid my taxes, paid my NI. My back is hurt from lifting older people, working with disabled children. I worked with all my heart. There is one woman here who is 87 years old. An Indian woman. Would you do this to your Grandmother? She cant even walk. If there was a Yarls Wood in Africa it would be all over the news. But it is happening in England and so nobody knows about it. The laws in England remain the most barbaric in the EU.

Out there they don’t know about people in here. We left our family outside. Our children are outside, our husbands are outside. The young girls here just got married and they left their husbands outside. They are breaking up families.

It is like we are in prison, these women have never done anything wrong. We left torture, we ran from rape. Then you think you are running away England where you can be safe.

We really need help in here. this places needs to be shut down. They are depriving us of our liberty. We came to England to be safe. Hearing that if you come to England you will be safe. You are running away from murders and torture, some people have had all their families murdered.

We are not terrorists. We are not harming anyone. There are people who have been killing people who are given bail. We haven’t hurt anyone. They lie, they say you are a threat to society. I am not a killer. Where are we to turn to for help? The whole world needs to know. Tell the BBC. They call it ‘Notorious Yarls Wood’, and it is notorious.

Please help us, they are just taking us and throwing us in the planes.

They’ve already started snatching women.

There is a charter flight tonight to Nigeria, Ghana, and Jamaica. They’ve already started snatching women. You’ll be walking around and they’ll snatch you and put you in a room so that you can’t talk to anyone. We were in the chapel and we were locked in there. They asked this one young girl to come out and this girl’s mum she has a British passport.

These are public funds being wasted on human beings being forced on this flight. They won’t even let you pack your bag.

This is meant to be a detention centre for women. We don’t have proper boxes to put sanitary towels. There are 5 washing machines and 4 dyers for 60 women. The water fountain is in the washing in washing room. The standard of hygiene is ridiculous.

The main thing is the charter flight. People cannot be snatched like you’re going hunting. They’ve got targets to meet, this is a contracts with the home office. So they’ll do anything to meet them.

Last month they dragged someone naked out of their room. 4 officers did it. Two men and two women.

On Saturday another lady got beat up in the so called safe unit.  She was an ex-drug user. She got put into a room with someone who had drugs. She got taken to the ‘so-called’ safe unit. In that unit, other detainees beat her up in the safe unit. The staff weren’t aware of it.

They are locking up normal human beings who could be working like normal people. When you get here they ask whether you want to apply for a job in here. Why should we be able to work in here when you can’t work outside. We are women, want to have normal lives like other women.

I’m not on the flight. I came to the UK to train as a nurse. I’m a trained nurse. Look at the NHS, they need us. I had some immigration trouble since 2006 and have been trying to correct it since then. I was detained in 2009. Now I’m back. It’s just not justified. All it is, is ticking boxes.

The charter flight is for today

Basically, the charter flight is for today and they’re trying to get us on the flight. But here lies the problem. We all know very well, according to the rules anyway, if they want to take us they have to get travel documents for all of us. But then they have already issued travel certificates for everybody without anybody actually signing for it. How does that work? Obviously there have been allegations this week against the home office and against the Nigerian embassy about, you know bribary, to make sure she issues travel documents for people without their knowledge, you understand what I mean. According to the information we are getting, each person gets £3000. Basically, all of us have been sold to the British Government to do whatever they wants to do to us.

We’ve been very calm. We’ve asked them can you get the home office to explain how they’ve got travel documents for us when we didn’t sign for it. Obviously that’s fraud because I haven’t signed for anything. How are we supposed to follow the rules and regulation when those rules and regulations of the Home Office clearly doesn’t apply to them. They actually break the law on a regular basis. They bribe people on a regular basis.

Half of the people on the flight today have family here. They shouldn’t be going to Nigeria in the first place. I left Nigeria 17 years ago, right, I was 9 years old when I left Nigeria. I had only really lived in Nigeria for 6 years. And you are telling me it’s okay you can go back there. To where?

We are just sat in the room basically. We are waiting for the officers to forcefully remove us. We are just in the room waiting. Because at the end of the day, they haven’t answered our questions.

Nigeria, where is your backbone? Where is your pride?

Nigeria, where is your backbone? Where is your pride? Where is your freedom?

End October 2015, the Vice president visited the UK with some encouraging words that Nigeria is moving forward. That is further from the truth.

The truth is, as Mr Osinbanjo was making these statements, the British government was busy preparing another chartered flight to deport people back to Nigeria. This has become a frequent arrangement; in fact there is a chartered flight every 2 months, falling on the last Tuesday of the month. The last flight was on 29th September 2015, the next is scheduled for Tuesday 24th September 2015.

With these flights, the UK government are able to continue their racist and continuous attacks on Nigerians, Ghanaians and other countries that are scheduled on the flight, save in the knowledge that the Nigerian government is in their pocket.

Many atrocities have been committed through these flights. Mothers have been separated from their children who are unfortunate to be born to Nigerian parents as the government do not fight for their rights. Instead, they are part of the thousands that the government of Nigeria has sold off to the British government. Welcome back to the slave trade!!!!

Nigeria, how much are your citizens worth?

How much are you selling our rights and future?

Nigeria has given the UK government the authorisation and access to land their chartered flights at the naval base in Lagos near Murtala airport where deportees are dumped off like cargo. They are dumped off and made to go through the frightening, degrading and humiliating process where the Nigeria immigration officers demand bribe to let them go easily. This is after the officers have pocketed the money Home Office give them to pass to deportees for transport to their final destination in Nigeria. £150 per head is a nice earner for the immigration officers in Nigeria. So why would they stop colluding with the British government? Why would they check that the British government has acted lawfully in deporting people that are medically unfit to travel? Why would they want to stop these chartered flights?

Each flight cost the UK at least £250,000 as recently reported in the media, and they intend to get as people on the flight as possible, by any means possible. That means separate families if need be, pick on vulnerable people and taking advantage of the sick.

Nigeria, where were you when the UK was deporting young adults who have spent the majority of their lives outside of Nigeria and have no relative to return to;  whose only crimes were to be born to Nigerian parents?

Nigeria, where were you when the UK was preventing many gifted young people from attending university though discriminatory legislations that prevented them from attending university just because they do not have indefinite leave to remain?

Nigeria, where were you when women with cancer were removed on chartered flight? Where was your patriotism when people who do not know Nigeria and people with mental health issues were dumped in Nigeria to fend for themselves in a foreign country?

Where were you when people with ingoing cases were deported?

Where were your voices? Where were your principles?

Nigeria sold us off many years ago to her slave master, the British government.

Nigerians, this is the time to wake up.

We refuse to be slaves to the British government.

We refuse to have our rights trampled on.

We refuse to be sold off by our government.

Why have an embassy that does nothing to assist its citizens; whose power has been taken away by the British government? This is modern slavery.

We refuse to be slaves to the British government.

No more chartered flights to Nigeria.

No more injustice.

No more hate crime.


Stop colluding with the racist attacks of the British government.

Fight for Nigeria – Fight for our freedom.


Call Nigeria high commission

Nigeria says it will not accept chartered flights from UK. Not True. Another chartered flight scheduled for 24/11 where people will be dumped at a naval base in Lagos. Stop this hate crime and all other atrocities commited through these flights. Call Nigeria high commission and ask them to stop colluding with the British. Call 02078391244, press 2 then ext 223 for immigration or ext 277 for travel certificate section. Fax 02078398746. Email immigrationservices@nigeriahc.org.uk. NIGERIA MUST ACT, WE ARE NO LONGER SLAVES TO THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT.

Spread the word.

charter flight leaving tonight

All those who made the hunger strike in Harmondsworth centre have been given them tickets to Pakistan. There is a charter flight leaving tonight with around 70 people on it going tonight. They don’t want to go back. Some people have gun shot injuries from attacks by the Taliban but they are being deported. They’ve divided them between all the blocks with ten in each so they can’t protest. There is nothing we can do now.

Many people like parliamentarians came here and ask us what is happened, what it is like but they don’t do anything. They ask how’s your healthcare, food and things. But they don’t do anything.

Good bye

Good bye. We will be moved to our home country today forcefully. Thanks for your support and everything. You people have done a lot for us I know. Thanks again.