They’ve already started snatching women.

There is a charter flight tonight to Nigeria, Ghana, and Jamaica. They’ve already started snatching women. You’ll be walking around and they’ll snatch you and put you in a room so that you can’t talk to anyone. We were in the chapel and we were locked in there. They asked this one young girl to come out and this girl’s mum she has a British passport.

These are public funds being wasted on human beings being forced on this flight. They won’t even let you pack your bag.

This is meant to be a detention centre for women. We don’t have proper boxes to put sanitary towels. There are 5 washing machines and 4 dyers for 60 women. The water fountain is in the washing in washing room. The standard of hygiene is ridiculous.

The main thing is the charter flight. People cannot be snatched like you’re going hunting. They’ve got targets to meet, this is a contracts with the home office. So they’ll do anything to meet them.

Last month they dragged someone naked out of their room. 4 officers did it. Two men and two women.

On Saturday another lady got beat up in the so called safe unit.  She was an ex-drug user. She got put into a room with someone who had drugs. She got taken to the ‘so-called’ safe unit. In that unit, other detainees beat her up in the safe unit. The staff weren’t aware of it.

They are locking up normal human beings who could be working like normal people. When you get here they ask whether you want to apply for a job in here. Why should we be able to work in here when you can’t work outside. We are women, want to have normal lives like other women.

I’m not on the flight. I came to the UK to train as a nurse. I’m a trained nurse. Look at the NHS, they need us. I had some immigration trouble since 2006 and have been trying to correct it since then. I was detained in 2009. Now I’m back. It’s just not justified. All it is, is ticking boxes.

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