They are taking all of our rights from us

I just want to thank you people outside there – everyone of you for your support because you really, really, really support us. And we’ve seen a lot of changes in Yarls Wood for the past 3 days. You know like yesterday and today there were a lot of releases – they released a lot of people which I think is a good improvement.

What I want to add to it is – I just want this place to shut down. The plane – the charter flights. I want it to stop.

Stop taking people because there are some people – last Tuesday – the people they deported – there was one lady there – that girl came here to study and after that, she got an injunction – Judicial Review – before they deport this lady. And with that, they still deport her.

So I want people to help us. I’m appealing to everybody – the journalists – the MPs – everyone out there. So please, help us.

We are not criminals. We do our papers when we are at our house. We are not seeking for any benefits – we are not doing anything wrong – we are not criminals – we are woman-beings. But here they don’t treat us like woman-beings at all.

They are taking all of our rights from us. No human rights at all – at all.

When we were doing this hunger strike – because they know that they [think I’m a] leader – you know – I talk to people – I encourage them about this protest. And now they are following me everywhere. I went to the IT room, I can’t talk to people in the IT room. Everything like that – anywhere I go – you’ll see officers following me. They came to my room yesterday – they searching through my luggage – they are searching – I don’t know what they are searching for. They go through all my luggage – everything. They know everything we are doing.

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