They purposely take people on weekends

It’s very surreal here In Yarl’s Wood at weekends.

Outside weekends are most people’s favourite part of the week but here it’s the opposite, once you’ve been here a while you start to see the patterns. They purposely take people on weekends and I can’t help but think it’s because it’s harder for most to get hold of lawyers or anyone to help them.

They took a lady to deport to Brazil yesterday, I didn’t know her but her friends told me she has a court date on the 25th of this month.

It does not surprise me as I know the Home Office does not respect or allow everyone due process, but as word got out that a woman had been taken and was being removed to Kenya the atmosphere became tense and it’s been so quiet. Today I’ve been walking around trying to find out about the Kenyan lady who was snatched away and I could not find anyone to talk to. Everyone was in their rooms quietly, no one in the corridors, very surreal and I found myself remembering one of my favourite zombie movies 28 Days Later when he wakes up and there’s no one around.

Still most people are often in a daze and unresponsive so it’s like The Walking Dead the rest of the time anyway. This is my worst nightmare only I get to wake up to it and not wake out of it.

I just want it to end.

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