We would like to fight our case from outside being free not inside being weak.

My name is **** ****, born on **.**.****. I am a Nepali citizen and came to the UK in 2009 as a Tier 4 Student. I have completed BA (Hons) and Master Degree from UK. I was granted further leave to remain in the UK as a Tier 1 Post Study Work. Thereafter, I was granted further leave to remain in the UK as a Tier 2 Migrant valid until 2017, however, my leave was curtailed in 2015, two years early. Thereafter, I made an application on the basis of an established private and family life in the UK. Unfortunately, my application was refused.

I was very frustrated, and I did not know what I should do since I cannot return to Nepal because of my well-founded fear of persecution by a social religious group and my in-laws over there. Indeed, I had a relationship with **** **** (my wife) for a long time though we are from different religion and cast. We got married in 2012 when I went to Nepal during my holidays. We did register our marriage without letting any of our family members know about it, as they were strictly against our relationship because of our different caste and religion. My wife came to UK as my dependant in 2013.

I applied for Judicial Review on 2016, when my further leave to remain application was refused. I didn’t know much about the visa processing, and trusted an agent who applied for my visa, who didn’t even gave his firm’s address while processing my application. I was waiting for the response of the Judicial review when I was detained from my residence along with my wife as an over stayer.

We were detained in October 2017, which has been about five month by the date of this statement which is 6th March 2018. It is inhuman to detain someone for such a long period of time. We have our case going on since the time we have been detained. We are in the process of asking permission to appeal to upper tribunal court.

We are really very frustrated and are very depressed. I along with my wife have been in depression for many times since we came here. We are not fit to stay in here mentally. I have visited the medical many times trying to tell them I am not fit at all to stay in here. Though, for some reason, I always get the same reply in my temporary admission request that I am fit to stay in here, which is not true. I have been a victim of torture in the past, and I did Rule 35, but whatever I went through and how it is affecting my current life was ignored by the home office. And, as there isn’t much place to go in here but to stay inside the room, I recall my past all the time.

Five months is a very long time for anyone to be detained. Our case is still going on and we would fight till the end. We would like to fight our case from outside being free not inside being weak.

We had our bail in January 2018, but unfortunately it was refused. We did have two sureties who are my cousin sister and my cousin brother, with all the documents required for the application. Even the Home Office presenting officer didn’t have any objection with the documents presented. We had provided the address where we would stay and it was not objected as well. Even after fulfilling all the criteria our bail was refused, which was our only hope of getting out.

I and my wife are very much suffocated now and we feel like if longer we have to stay here we might harm ourselves. No human beings deserve to live like this.

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