I feel like I have already been removed from society

I feel very isolated in here (Yarl’s Wood). It’s not like just a lonely feeling. It’s a different kind of isolation. I feel like I have already been removed to a place with different laws, removed from my friends and family, removed from society, so far removed from every comfort.

I find myself missing silly things like animals. I want to play with my dog. I have not seen a child in so long, do little people exist anymore?

I miss watching football with a cold Peroni. I wonder what happened in Game of Thrones? silly things really.

I am busy in here though, because English is my first language people always ask me to read documents for them and I want to help as best I can of course I do but it does take it’s toll on me. A lady was given a ticket yesterday and she was so distressed, it could have been avoided had she been provided with the help she needed as she does not read English.

I have to go now as I just received a text to go to reception. Every time I get a text message, I have a mini panic attack. Everyone does, and it’s doing my head right in.

Bye for now

From an angry foreigner who was made in Britain

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