[Statements from #HungerForFreedom strikers]

“The mental health nurses treat appointments like extensions of the immigration interview.

And healthcare do not take matters seriously, they just tell you you’re OK… if you’re sick and there’s blood you have to bring proof of it before they’ll see you.

“The mental health department should stop working for the Home Office – people are being asked if they came here knowing if they were going to stay.”

“Home Office officials take matters into their own hands.”

“The diet in detention is awful – most of us are on Omoprozole [a medicine used to prevent stomach ulcers and stomach acid] and iron tablets; we weren’t on those when we came in here. There are tablets to counteract tablets to counteract tablets.”

“Rule 35 – the doctors do not give the detainees ample time to discuss what kind of torture they went through – what happened, when and how it’s impacting on them. They just measure physical scars, and behind those scars, there’s a story. They’re quick to refer you to a mental health and wellbeing specialist, but they ignore their own rules.”

“We need respect from officers, they can’t just barge into people’s room and do random searches.”

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