Detained Voices facilitation collective Statement concerning accounts of abuse in Movement for Justice

The collective that facilitate the detained voices blog would like to extend our solidarity with those who have published testimonies that describe abuse within Movement for Justice. We have been shocked and disappointed at the level of denial in the MFJ leadership and at their concern to intimidate survivors of abuse and those working to support them rather than respond openly and constructively.

In response, Detained Voices will not work with the Movement For Justice leadership.

Testimony is an important starting point to expose the reality of detention and hold accountable the state and its violence. It is important that we build movements that are themselves accountable so that we do not recreate the patterns of violence that we want to end.

If anyone wants to come forward to share testimony about the misuse of power within the anti-detention movement, the Detained Voices blog will provide a platform for statements.

To get in touch email:

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