I think they are arranging a sudden collection of people tonight.

I’ve been in detention for 3 weeks. On Tuesday I was supposed to be on that charter flight. They didn’t contact me until very late and they locked me in doors. And then they told me I wasn’t on the flight.

Today, they have given me a letter saying that within ten days they are going to deport me to Lagos, Nigeria

I have 4 children with EU passports. They go school in the UK. My Wife is an EEA citizen living and working in the UK. We’ve lived in the UK for 10 years this September.

I think they are arranging a sudden collection of people tonight. They have sent me to G wing – someone told me that this was about the secret flight tonight.

They told my wife to see the MP and get a letter. She doesn’t know the MP and she doesn’t know what to do. How do they expect her to contact the MP immediately. She’s picking up the children from school.

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