Now they give me another charter flight ticket, they give me a ticket for 28th now

Already, already going to come say is that if you can come here and see how people are suffering here, me, I’ve been here for the past eight
months now, and I’m not a criminal, I didn’t do anything, I didn’t commit any crime, just overstay. And they delayed me, they detain me for
the past 8 months and I don’t even have even to [inaudible 00:33]. And again, let me tell you this, I HAVE BOTH OF MY PARENTS ARE HERE AND THEY ARE BRITISH.

Home Office is now telling me that it’s because I’m overstaying, I’m an adult, I can not depend on my parents any more, I should be on my own, that’s why they detain me. And since then I haven’t committed a crime at all. If you see many old people here, many disabled people they are here, for myself I have been here for the past one year, one year close one year three months, one year four months here.

And I still want to talk about the charter flights, every two months I think, every two months is the charter flight to Nigeria and Ghana. Because I’ve been here, I’VE BEEN LIVING IN UK FOR EIGHT, NINE YEARS I DON’T HAVE ANYBODY BACK HOME. I GOT MY FRIENDS HERE, I GOT MY BROTHERS HERE, I GOT EVERYBODY HERE. And then [inaudible 01:50] is to coming back
to Nigeria. Can you imagine the kind of prison? How can you… What do you want me to [inaudible 02:01] be enough?

So, I’ve been finding things difficult, difficult in here. I don’t have access to anything. Now they give me another charter flight ticket, they
give me a ticket for 28th now, yes 28th, that flight on 28th. THEY SAY THEY WANT TAKE ME BACK TO NIGERIA WHICH I DON’T HAVE ANYBODY.

So things are not been fine for me here, even for most of us here, things are not fine at all and I believe most people don’t know what we
are going through here in detention outside. So if Detained Voices can help to recount to everyone outside to know what we’re facing here,
maybe can be getting better in here. So that’s little I can say for now.. Even know people that can Upper Tribunal, they still have to
deport them.

Last charter flight they give me, it’s like, forced ticket, they will give you forced ticket, every time they give you a ticket. SO MOST PEOPLE GO IN UPPER TRIBUNAL, THEN TO A… SOME IN A HIGH COURT. THEY DON’T EVEN WAIT TO GIVE THE JUDGEMENT, THEY JUST PUT THE PERSON ON THE PLANE AND TAKE THE PERSON BACK HOME. IT IS NOT FAIR.

So just want everybody outside there to know what we’re facing here. WE ARE BLACK, WE ARE AFRICAN, WHAT WE’RE FACING HERE IS TOTALLY WRONG. So I don’t know what maybe government or people can do about that, but I believe Detained Voices will help [inaudible 04:09].

I am here now – my doctor came from Medical Justice, DOCTOR CAME TO SEE ME TO ASSESS ME 3 MONTHS, NO 3 WEEKS AGO, AND DOCTOR CONFIRMED THAT I DID NOT FIT TO FLIGHT, I DIDN’T FIT TO FLY AND I DID NOT FIT TO BE DETAINED HERE AND THE HOME OFFICE WOULDN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Just they ask, I think they don’t care what the doctor is saying and doctor
send every document to me and to Home Office. They didn’t reply, and they still want to force me to back home so *sigh* I’m even devastated now, I don’t know what to do anymore about, I’m not finding things easy at all. Things are getting worse and worse and over and over. So that’s it. I received from many people that going to Detained Voices, many people they are requesting for your number to speak.

So that’s it.

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