Who is home office? who is immigration? Are they animal or human?

From the beginning detention centre is like a prison for people, too many people are here. People coming this country to apply for asylum they bring them here, they keep them here for longer, longer. This system is like a prison. We in one building, we cannot see the outside, we cannot go outside. 9pm at night we are locked inside our room, 9am in morning we come out- too many hours. Each room has 2 beds, and a toilet. The morning water is cold, I wash my body 3 times in cold water. I said to my friend 1 1/2 month we have this problem, he say long time like this. Charlie unit in Colnbrook. Officer said water is broken, he said manager does not listen to officer or detainee. I complained but they didn’t answer.

I am from Mosul in Iraq, I cannot go back, it is dangerous now. I don’t have family in Mosul, how can they send me back? They are taking me to UK detention. They not release us. They are waiting for a passport from Iraq to send me back, they want me to sign it so they send me back to Iraq. I been detained more than 5 months. Why I am here more than 5 months? They not release me.

Yesterday they take my friend back to Iraq. He been in prison in UK, for about 1 1/2 years. His sentence finish after 1 year, then they put him in another prison. He has Indefinite leave to remain in the UK but they didn’t release him. So they send him back to Iraq. Home office makes 5 hour interview with him, they ask why he wants to go back to Irag. He said because you won’t release me from detention. Because I don’t want to die in prison. In beginning 1 1/2 year sentence now I have been here 2 1/2 years. I don’t wanna stay in prison any longer. How long you gunna keep me?

I was in prison but I am foreign national. I been in this country about 7 years. I been waiting for asylum too long. So I wanted to leave UK, I had to get fake ID to leave. But they catch me in France, they check the ID. They said “this is not you”. They (the French) said this is not our problem. They give me back to UK immigration. They said you are going to court for this ID. The court give me 18 months sentence, made up to 22 months, which means you serve 11 months. I went to foreign national prison in Manchester, it is very punish. They give you £1 to work for the day, and if you don’t work they cut off TV in your room. If you don’t work they send you to “Basic prison” for 28 days- you don’t have TV, you not allowed shopping, you stay in your cell all the time. Unless you go to work. If you don’t go to the work they give you another month. No English inside. Arab, Kurdish, European, but no English, security is English.

I done my 11 month sentence, sentence finish. They do psychological torture. Immigration will not let you outside. I never have problem in prison, all my life I never take drugs or nothing. I really behave in prison but they still not let me out. They put me in ‘isolation/suicide watch’- a cell, with a glass wall, they watch you 24 hours a day- no TV, no exercise, you only let out for 2 minutes eating and shower. I in there for 15 days. Everyday I have interview with governor and church and Imam. I argue not to go back to cell, because I have finished my sentence, I am on license, I should be released. The say I am high-risk. I say I am not going to kill myself but don’t take me back to my cell, because I finish sentence I should be released. The Governor say this is costing money. I say you care more about the money than my life. He said its not me but immigration won’t let you out. Finally they say we are going to move you. They say to detention- but I din’t know what it means.

Mid-jury 2016, I finish my sentence. They say detention is like hotel, they say I will stay there for 2 weeks. I was happy. Then I come to detention. Now I AM STILL HERE- I been here more than 5 months. Immigration play games. They play games with me.

They say I have to be released by bail. Before it used to be easy to get out, they release if you couldn’t be sent back to your country, but right now system is change. I find information about bail. The say I need probation officer, need surety, need address. I apply for Section 4 address- I been waiting and waiting, but they refused me- they say I have to apply for asylum. I already apply for asylum. They say you have to do it again. I start to apply, they say I have to wait- for 1 1/2 month. I had interview by video link in Verne. 2 1/2 hours I talk about my case. They say I have to wait again another 1/12 month for next appointment, every time they say next week, next week, next week. Then they say move me to Colnbrook- I have to finish there.

I have migraine problems so I cannot travel by car. They say you have to. The next time they didn’t tell me. 10 big high security guys came at 7am- what is happening? They say you have to go to London. I have to go, I cannot refuse these security guys. Normally they just have 2 people plus driver, but for me they bring 4 people. They think I am ‘high-security’ because I talk about killing myself. I am not dangerous. I help people in detention, I am barber, I help people with their English. My caseworker never help me. I was sick on the way to Colnbrook- the had to take me to hospital. The emergency doctor have to speak to me alone. He ask me what happened- I tell him about my problems. The doctor say the immigration is attacking me, they not helping me, he give me injection for migraines. I stay in hospital for 24 hours.

Why there are 4 security guards coming to look after 1 ill man? The security not like the situation either- they not happy about what is happening to me- they think I should be released- They confused about what to do with me. Again they took me back to the Verne!  They put me in the block again. They say I have to stay there- but I have just come back from hospital. The manager said he didn’t know why I was there- he said the immigration put me there. In the morning they still not taking me out, The Red Cross talk to the immigration people in the Verne, and finally they let me out of the block.

After 3 days, again they try to take me to Colnbrook. I ate 2/3 sleeping tablets for the journey. I wake up I am in London. I had asylum interview in Colbrook. The tell me they are just taking me for few days and then I go back to the Verne. But they didn’t. After 2 weeks they refuse me for asylum. I appealed, judge said I have to wait another 2 weeks.

Immigration play all these games with people. I have no chance to apply for bail. Always waiting for this or that- all the time I am detained. 5 months I been in detention now. A man from Mosul Iraq. That is what make the people inside crazy. It makes people kill themselves. It makes people take all the pills. Nobody cares, nobody looks after detainees. I been waiting for 3 weeks for the doctor. I need operations, hospital send papers to the doctor but they don’t care. I still waiting. Just let me out. Don’t want to stay, stay, stay. I paid for my mistake. Why I have to do another sentence? People in here have kids, they have wives. Its very tough in here, even for just one day. They are not treating you well, they are treating like animals. Can you please people outside do something for detainee people? Don’t believe what the immigration say, things are not true.
Immigration is making people crazy. I love British people but the system is not good. Its not fair. We been punished. I am in another prison. My friend say prison is better than detention. I don’t like this system. Who is making this? Why are they punishing me? I never see my caseworker. Who is home office? who is immigration? Are they animal or human?

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