He was detained for years now

He was detained for years now and the Home Office could not remove him because they couldn’t get travel documents. And on Monday they took him to hospital and he died today.

He was from Sierra Leone, the same country as me. I met him in detention – he was here when I came here a year ago. He was a very quiet man- he kept himself to himself. He was very caring man. He was helpful to people doing application and writing letters. He used to work in the welfare office in detention.

We are told the focus of detention is removal. But I don’t see the justification for detaining someone for 1 year, for 2 year, for 3 years. And you’re telling me the purpose is to remove people? For a lot of people here, it’s like that. I’m a person in a wheel chair and I’ve got polio in my right leg. He was posing no risk to anyone. So I don’t think there’s a justification for keeping people here. In this prison. I don’t see the justification.

I think it’s politics. I think it’s politics. I can’t justify it. It’s very unfair. This is a country that promotes human rights – they are the first one’s to do so. They are the forefront of women’s rights and this kind of thing. But what would the rest of the world think about this. It’s not right. It’s not proper. You need to detain people only for a specified time given by the judiciary. But they don’t follow it! They don’t care about detainees.

I don’t know why they do it – is there financial gain? I don’t know, I don’t understand.

The tone is not good at Morton Hall. Everyone is sad. No one likes the situation.

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