Its about racism in detention centres

Its about racism in detention centres. Im being bullied, its racial discrimination here. They are picking on me all the time. Last week I didn’t go for my medications, only the sleeping one because they are bullying me. They pick on me for anything I do at the moment. I don’t know what they are writing in my file. I was really broken down by it, I just stay in my room now to keep out of the way. I put in a complaint and I haven’t heard anything. Its still going, it hasn’t stop. I’ve been a victim of torture and I’ve been a victim of abuse by the Serco staff. I wore a robe in the laundry and they told me I was wearing a robe and walking about and I wasn’t. It was the morning and it’s not unusual to wear a robe in the laundry. The other girls they wear their nighties and go everywhere and no-one says anything to them. 

I’m being victimised because I have reported the staff for their behaviour to the other girls. Its racialised and its because I’m a woman. I’m being punished. Its OK for them to abuse you instead of protect you.  

I thought being in **** you get tortured and then being here you don’t get tortured. My human rights are being violated. Being in the detention centre you get tortured 24/7.

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