They are still holding on very strongly. We have almost fifty.

They are still holding on very strongly. We have almost fifty. We are singing and chanting and dancing. We are keeping ourselves warm because it is a bit cold. And the media at the same time. We are planning to be here until 9pm. We don’t eat. We don’t do anything. We don’t want their food. We don’t want their activities. We just want our freedom.

Mostly there are people who shouldn’t be here. They are here unlawfully. Some are pregnant and have long term health conditions. We don’t understand why they detain us. Don’t we have rights? Are we not women? Some of us have been here for a number of years. Does this not count for anything?

I’ve been detained for 19 months. My son is going to school this morning.

I’ve been detained for 19 months. My son is going to school this morning. There are mothers detained. Why can’t they let us go. We are looking after ourselves. This place is inhumane. We have no voice. No one care about us. We want to be free. We want everyone to be free. We see the refugees coming in. What about about us as well. We’ve been here for so long. We need to be free. Let us go to look after our children and cook our own food. WE’ve got people who do serious self harm, those with depression. There are sick people and there is no proper health care system to care for them. They give paracetamol to everyone. The food is bad. There are elderly ladies here. It’s like back in the day slavery. Something has to happen. We haven’t got a voice in here. The officers intimidate us.

We are having peaceful protest.

We are having peaceful protest. We are saying we want freedom and we want detention to be shut down. The main agenda is freedom. WE don’t want to be detained for no good reason. We are victims of torture, we are victims of rape and some have mental health problems. They are still being locked up. The law says you can’t do this but most of these women here have these experiences.  WE want people to hear our voice. We want to be treated like any other human being. WE are not crimanls. We have been looking for safety in the United Kingdom. But we experience this torture.

MPs will be discussing this in Parliament this week. And we want them to vote to shut them down. We want all the MPs to say no people can be locked up. We haven’t done anything. We are calling on people voting on the 10th of September to vote for detention to come to an end. It is unfair for people to locked up for no good reason. Why should this continue? If they believe in human rights, we want them to vote for detention to come to an end.

We want to be free. We want detention to end.

We want to be free. We want detention to end. We want this torture of women and pregnant women to end. We have been locked up for a long time. We have been in detention as a scape goat. We need this to end. We want our freedom. Release us! I want to go home!

I’ve been in UK 17 years…. I’ve been here for 12 years. we belong here.

“We want freedom…All we are saying…..We want Freedom…”

We are in the yard, We are protesting.

We are in the yard, We are protesting. We’ve been here for over an hour since 9 oclock. There are thirty of us. We are asking for our freedom. We chanting for our freedom. We are shouting. We are singing ‘Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, We want our own Freedom’.

There is a big protest happening here at the Salam distribution centre

[Statement from people in Calais, translated]

There is a big protest happening here at the Salam distribution centre in the jungle and the government have cut the satellite signal so there can be no broadcast.

People are blockading the government distribution centre because they no longer want to live in worse conditions than those they left behind. It’s not enough to receive 1 badly cooked meal per day. People seeking asylum in France are being given nothing and forced to live in the jungle. People have a right to dignity and many people are badly injured and left with no medical provisions to die in the jungle. La vie active who run the Salam centre profit from justifying people’s prolonged stay in the jungle. Today the demonstration will continue at the gates of the centre and everyone informed why and asked not to go inside. If people want to go in they can and will not be subject to abuse. It is not good enough that racism exists in the camp and today we are one voice, one hand to stop the injustice of this border.

People of the jungle are not treated as human beings but numbers in system. We are not allowed the right to protest in the town but hidden away, they try to silence us. We will not accept this system and we will provide our  own solution. The European governments made this problem and it is their responsibility to solve it in a way that gives us a better life. We did not risk our lives to suffer this inhumanity. We must stand together, this protest is the start and we will continue until our situation is resolved. We want to remain peaceful even when the police use violence against us.