We are having peaceful protest.

We are having peaceful protest. We are saying we want freedom and we want detention to be shut down. The main agenda is freedom. WE don’t want to be detained for no good reason. We are victims of torture, we are victims of rape and some have mental health problems. They are still being locked up. The law says you can’t do this but most of these women here have these experiences.  WE want people to hear our voice. We want to be treated like any other human being. WE are not crimanls. We have been looking for safety in the United Kingdom. But we experience this torture.

MPs will be discussing this in Parliament this week. And we want them to vote to shut them down. We want all the MPs to say no people can be locked up. We haven’t done anything. We are calling on people voting on the 10th of September to vote for detention to come to an end. It is unfair for people to locked up for no good reason. Why should this continue? If they believe in human rights, we want them to vote for detention to come to an end.

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