At approximately 12:07 at lunch time officers chased a woman down the corridor

At approximately 12:07 at lunch time officers chased a woman down the corridor. A loud sound was heard as though someone was thrown to the ground. When we came out to see what was happening there was three officers pinning down a lady. Additional officers chased us into our rooms and locked the doors. One of the officers said, ‘She just fell and hurt herself, nothing to see.’ However at this time they had thrown a towel over her head and had her pinned down on the floor. The officers kept yelling, ‘Go into your rooms’ even though we were already in our rooms and peeking through our doors. When questioned as to what more they wanted us to do – we are already in our rooms – one female officer said very rudely, ‘Because we are telling you to go into your rooms and you wouldn’t like it if everyone was staring at you lying on the floor.’ Someone said, ‘Yes i would because then I would have witnesses to whatever was happening to me.’ Another male officer came up and said ‘we are trained to do this. This is our job so just go into your room.’ After about 15 minutes we started to peep out to see if it was OK. The corridors were clear and the doors were opened again and everyone was trying to figure out what had happened. An officer who was passing through the corridor heard us talking to each other about what we had each seen happen. He told us the lady tried to commit suicide and they were trying to prevent her from doing so. But we didn’t understand why if someone was already in a distressed state why would you pin them to the floor and throw a towel over their head? The officer said, ‘She is downstairs in the office with someone who speaks her language and she will be coming back up.’ And that’s about it for today. So far.

One thought on “At approximately 12:07 at lunch time officers chased a woman down the corridor

  1. this place need to close down sooner than later. thing are getting from bad to worst with these officers, its like these officers having a vindetter  against  detainee. We have immigration breeding down our back and officers behaievour like immigration.


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