The dark side of use of Immigration detention Powers.

Anyone looking for a case study on the dark side of use of immigration detention Powers not for the purposes it was designed by the British parliament should look no further, perhaps my case has every elements of its abuse.

The Secretary of State powers of deportation was enforced whilst my deportation Appeal and Confiscation proceedings were still pending. The ulterior motive to deny me adequate time and facilities to prepare and discharge my burden of proof in Confiscation proceeding.

It is self-evident the Home Office received 50% of whatever that is recovered from offenders under Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. It is needless to say the least that early enforcement of my deportation in 23 January 2014 being declared missing whilst I remained in custody were probably to ensure that my solicitors are frustrated from booking legal visits and taking my instructions.

Despite this early fake deportation enforcement I was detained under Immigration Powers for over 21 months for enforcement of confiscation order and now sent to prison on 28th July 2015 after my family exposed plot by Crown Prosecution Services and Home Office

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