We stayed out until almost 2 o’clock. Very late.

We stayed out until almost 2 o’clock. Very late. They were busy counting us outside. They were begging us to come in but we didn’t come back. They wanted to count us inside but they had to count us outside. And we were mixing around so they kept on messing the counting. They wanted us to stay still. They have to stop counting us, we are human beings. You’re not supposed to count us. We didn’t eat. Most of us didn’t go in. We’re going at 12 o’clock back out. We’ll be there.

One of the women passed out at 10 o’clock and they took her to healthcare. She’s back in her room now. The IMB woman came to check on her this morning. She cannot remember what happened yesterday. She can’t talk, she’s confused. The woman is sick, she’s tired. She’s here, she can’t even walk. We have to support her. Why is it like this?

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