I served a sentence in prison.

I served a sentence in prison. While I was in prison social services gets involved with my children. And my husband went to prison as well. The family court ruled that when I’m released I should resume the care of my children. But immigration brought me to Yarl’s Wood instead. My deportation is not immanent because I have a judicial review that will take 8 months. I would be on licence anyway so my detention is not really necessary. I don’t see why they don’t release us while we are waiting for our case. I’m here 3 months already. It’s like I’m serving another sentence. And my children are serving another sentence with me because my detention really affects them. They say every child matters and all that and they are not living up to it. They say in the policy that its all about the child’s interest but it doesn’t matter when it comes down to my detention. I don’t know what’s happening I’m just frustrated. I met someone who’s been here for 18 months and it’s really unnecessary. It’s a problem. I’ve done the time, I’ve paid my debts to society and now it’s time to be with my family. It’s like a punishment all over again. My children suffer because of my permanent detention. Everyone should have a chance to move on.

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