I feel your pain

Yes, I feel your pain because I was subjected to the same or similar psychological torture during my time in prison. I served a prison terms and while in prison, I was suffering from cancer and diabetes. I was on remand while my family was away on holiday. They refused my family back into the country and threatened my wife with taking away the children who are British from her and placing into care just because she is not British and I was on remand facing a criminal charge. In the end, they illegally deported my wife and children.

On finishing my sentence I was subjected to choose from getting deported too, after living in the country legally for thirtysix years or remain in detention to fight for my rights. In the end I was deported and guess what, the prison staff took away my medication and my medical records which I specifically requested for.

To begin to recount my experiences with the British judicial system is to reopen the wound or re-live the experiences all over again. I was being ghosted from prison to prison every four to five weeks just to unsettle me, excommunicate me from my family and discourage me from mounting a campaign against their rotten practices. One thing I can assure you is that abuse of human rights is rife in the British judicial system and they perpetrate these abuse with impunity in their prisons and detention systems.

I cannot see a change of heart coming anytime soon because it appears their (British) politics is that of ethnic cleansing by stealth while they are busy accusing other countries they feel they can intimidate with abuse of human rights. This tactics only deflects attention from themselves. But I am sure that with campaigns like these, somebody someday will rise up to ask questions on behalf of us the victims of injustice.

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