Where do I even begin about my immigration detention and where do I stop?

I have been in detention under immigration powers for 17 months and counting for enforcement of a confiscation order. I have no words to describe how the system is manipulated to favour the CPS and Financial Investigator on my case. I have no words to describe how a police officer turns up as Home Office witness in all my Immigration Bail hearings to present an non-disclosed evidence and made False Statement of Truth “that a Judge had ordered during my confiscation proceedings that I should not be released on bail until payment of confiscation order or deportation.” It is fair to say, that this huge Confiscation order which the SSHD is using her immigration powers exclusively for deportation/removal purposes, to enforce was an order, the defendant was never allowed adequate time and facilities to discharge my burden of proof. An order where the confiscation time table was repeatedly changed numerous times by the Financial Investigator with ulterior motive of possible guilty verdict in his wife’s case (where evidence CPS witness lied in her testimony and under oath). An order where I was even declared ‘missing whilst in custody’ and subjected under duress by my own Barrister to accept a settlement with prosecution without a contested hearing. An order where I had less 12 working days to present my defence and had to attend all my legal visits at a court to avoid the frustration of the SSHD and Prison Service.

Where do I even begin about my immigration detention which I akin to ‘concentration camp detention’ and where do I stop. Is it from the excessive movements/transfers from one immigration detention centre to one prison or another every second day? or Is it from lack of adequate medical care where I had to wait for over 21 months for x-ray on my lower back and told that a fracture was minor degenerative changes. or is it from my forceful movement back to prison after my solicitors had discovered and obtained court order to only see me in court building to take legal instructions. or is it from my detention at HMP Pentonville where my long distance learning course material and books taken away, my social visits cancelled whilst my wife and kids are standing outside the prison or incidents were prison staff constantly had to read my self-paid Newspapers and complete Sudoku before giving it to me at 8pm or staff telling me to vacate my bed space and mount a double bunk with four days old amputated thumb or incidents where I was called a “fucking black cunt” was incessantly victimised and punished for making complaints against staff. or is it from my detention in a prison facility until such a time when time had elapsed for me to challenge the SSHD decision at European Court of Human Rights. Or is it from the incident where the purpose/reason for maintaining my detention was dramatically changed from outstanding confiscation order to Asylum Claim after Bail for Immigration Detainees challenged my Home Office Caseworker. or is it from the incident where my Judicial Review to challenge the lawfulness of my detention was refused because the Counsel for the SSHD said it lacked focus as I personally prepared it.

The overwhelming plight of foreign Nationals in UK detention centres under immigration powers can never be captured through any report my case is a testimony. My dear mother sadly passed away after unbearable agony and frustration watching how police tried use a false witness to convict her daughter in-law. I have now been separated from my wife and four kids who are all British born and British Nationals for almost four years when added with the 17 months and counting in immigration detention. I recently received a letter from the Home Office to attend an Asylum interview at Colnbrook IRC at 1.30pm. I requested as advised from the same correspondence for tape-recorder because I do have a legal representative. The Home Office lady turned up at 8.45am and produced for this interview earlier scheduled for 1.30pm without my paperwork or tape-recording facilities I had earlier requested four days prior to this interview. I would conclude by saying that what my eyes have experienced in my 17 months and counting under immigration detention is beyond torture and something not expected in a democratic society like the United Kingdom.

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