There was a fire in a room in Harmondsworth

There was a fire in a room in Harmondsworth about 12.45 last night. It was very dangerous. There is a guy in hospital.

The ground floor was full of smoke. It was dark smoke. We went outside to courtyard 4 and then to the main dining hall. All the people in D wing had to get out. After a couple of hours they went back to their rooms one by one. At 4o’clock in the morning floor 1 went back. Some people were taken to a different place without their stuff because there was too much water in their rooms. When we came back to our rooms the smell of smoke was full.

In the morning they brought us back to the room. There was lots of water. And the main manager of Harmondsworth came from his house. He said it was an accident. He did his job, I appreciate him. Immigration does very wrong with us but on the spot he did alright.

In the room where it started, there was a guy in the room who had told immigration, if you don’t have my travel documents release me or send me back. He’s been here 3 months. He was alone in the room, he has two other room mates but he was alone.

It’s very hard because the windows don’t open so if there is a fire and someone is in their room then they will die. There is no window. My friend was coughing.

Let’s see, when they investigate it.

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