they came back wearing helmets and shields

There is one of the ladies that has a ticket and they wanted to take her to the airport yesterday from Yarl’s Wood. The day before they put a fresh claim and she got a lawyer through helen bamber and that meant she could put in a judicial review to stop the flight. They came for her but she wasn’t in her room, she was in another room and a lot of girls were there. There were about 8 of them. They were trying to protect her there because they wanted to take her by force. The officers went and reinforced themselves and they came back wearing helmets and shields. They tied them up with handcuffs and took them to kingfisher [segregation unit]. About three officers per one detainee. They shut all the doors so that no one could see them. They lady was taken to the airport but the ticket was cancelled on the way so they brought her back and put her in Kingfisher as well. She says that they twisted her head and that she has never experienced anything like that in her whole life, it was so traumatising. The officers packed all their stuff and when I spoke to them they said they were being taken to prison. So at the moment we don’t know what’s happened.

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