What’s going on is very terrible,

What’s going on is very terrible, it’s very bad. For instance, I’m very ill – I have high blood pressure. They checked me its 200 over 134. I couldn’t walk and they’re keeping me here. Every time they say you are pretending. The health care people say you are pretending. They are very very bad people. Everything you tell them they think you are trying not to go back. They don’t believe it. They keep adding to my medication, they add more but its not coming down. They keep adding more. It’s not good for me – it gives me headaches. I told them and they didn’t say anything. They stay stop thinking, because I am stressed. They say lie down – how can I do that. Here I don’t have anyone apart from your room mate to help me.

Today we have one lady from Ghana. She is very ill she doesn’t know what’s going on. I think she’s mentally tortured or something. She can’t speak for herself. She doesn’t know what is going on now. A lot of people are going tonight. 10:30 tonight and they are already going to reception. I think it’s terminal 5 in heathrow that they are going.

Around 2 o’clock we started to pray to ask whether they should stop taking them. We wanted to do protests with those who have got tickets. Another lady from another room has cancer and she’s gone to hospital and they handcuffed her to go to hospital – a person with cancer.

I’m not feeling good. I can’t talk.

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