I have high blood pressure

I have been here for two months now. I have high blood pressure and I have my test results. I said I need my medication that I take outside.They know my blood pressure and then they took me and put me in Colnbrook and locked me up! They just locked me inside. It’s just like prison, its prison man. They locked me up, my life is off, they locked me up. I’m on my on in here. I went on Monday to make a complaint and now they take me here [from Harmondsworth]. Because of depression I started smoking. They dismiss my case. I didn’t apply for bail because I’m fed up. I don’t know why I’m here. I told them that I was sick and they put me in Colnbrook. They don’t want to attend to me. I’m banging on the door and they aren’t doing anything for me, they’re not medical. Everything is off – TV is off.

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