all social media web site is blocked

I have been in this detention centre more than 4 months. Detainee use computer all social media web site is blocked. Twitter, Facebook,, Rt news, Channel4 news video link. Only with can you get on it for 1, 2 minutes if you try 10 20 times. Otherwise it is a blank page. Fast Track Stop Campaign web site is blocked. Bail Immigration Detainees Web site is blocked. It is Human Rights awarded 2010. Other detainee helpful web site is blocked. All world know this is independent country, This is Great Britain. Where now World Champion Human Rights.

More than 6 Hundred detainee Harmondswroth. only 1 Fax Machine. After 10 minute 20 minute fax machine memory full. How possible people run his case. Human Rights Fax Number is blocked. There is attention sign board. One person no more than 15 pages. Every wing office Fax machine is not allowed for detainee. It is big mentally torture centre Harmondswroth.

Day by day Food is very Worse. Two times I make a complain IMB I am saying here web sites is blocked. IMB officer say ok today I send report. Now more than two weeks still web site is blocked. IMB Legal Aid Free Solicitor UKBA LOLLY POP.

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