There are some people in Dungavel

There are some people in Dungavel who have stopped eating and are protesting against the home office. They are not going to the kitchen. It’s not in human rights law what the Home Office is doing. They do everything to remove people – you have people here will families. They are destroying them. We have people here for two years. Two years. Can you believe it.

We have started like 50 people – what they have done is started scaring us. “We’ll put it in your file. We’ll log your phone. Well put someone with you for 24 hours. You can’t do this, we are the power here. They said they will move you if you take part.” How can we do peaceful protest? There is no one who can stop them.

The people know what happened here. If people are happy about what is going on here. Why can’t I protest, and why can’t I talk. If you are in prison, you know when you’re going out. But here, you can’t know. This is in the UK!

My story is very funny. I was married since 2012 with a French woman. I sent my application in 2014 and they asked for an interview. And they arrested me at the interview in Liverpool. They said I was overstaying – but I came here with my wife? They said my marriage is sham. They said that without even finishing the interview with my wife. He started telling her to leave the UK in 2 days. She was threatened with arrest. I have been arrested with no reason. I believed in the Home office and the law in the UK but since I don’t believe in it. I believed in it for nothing. I’ve never done anything wrong. And then to be put in Scotland 6 hours away from my family. And on the way, in the van, he said if you need to piss I will give you a bag. There were 5 people in the van and they couldn’t let me out. It’s not human – I felt like an animal.

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