The response to the protest is like, [via standoff films]

The response to the protest is like, they don’t have ears to hear it, they don’t have heart to beat.

The water was shut for the whole day. No it wasn’t for maintenance work because if you see they shut the whole unit. The complete wing, was shut for the whole day. Because if you see, there are also Muslim people over there who used to pray five times a day and they couldn’t’ use the toilet, and they couldn’t use the toilet, and they couldn’t use water or anything to pray.I hear that they say it was shut for an hour or so for some six rooms but no it was shut for whole wing not only for six rooms, and it was shut for all day

They don’t care what we are doing inside. We are dying. Because of protest yesterday, one of my mate went to hospital because of that, because he got ill. He started vomiting because he was not eating. He was on hunger strike, he got ill, and started vomiting, and now we don’t know where he is. When the guys were protesting outside, they say – it was time to lock up – they said, “Go inside. Otherwise we use hardware to put you people inside and lock up.”

The moment you make complaint,, like the way we are doing protest, we are doing hunger strike. A lot of people have been moved away, you know, they just call you to tell you, you are going to be moved. They know what they are doing.

Let the world, let the world, let the MPs, let the even the Prime Minister should, he knows all this. The Home Secretary, she knows all this.

We are suffering here, We are slaves here. We are being treated like criminals here. Now are cell is locked. We are now locked up in this cell. If you are dying, you die in your room. Harmondsworth and fasttrack should be ruled out completely. We are being intimidated here. We are scared here. We have been harassed here. We are being threatened here. People help us to achieve the truth because we want freedom. That’s what we want. Thank you very much.

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