I have serious threats against me

I have a gay partner so I have a serious threat in Pakistan. I have serious threats against me. I have police reports against me. I have the phone records of someone threatening me on the phone. I have emails of people threatening me, saying they will kill me. Immigration  just say you are lying.

I have been on hunger strike, and we have been outside from 11am to 8pm. If we apply to asylum, they decide our case in 1 day. This is a serious matter of our lives. They just give a refusal tomorrow morning. They don’t look after the case properly.

I’m on the Charter flight. We have to go for Judicial Review and the European Court and a fresh claim with evidence but they don’t give us time because they just want to send us back. They gave the ticket two days after the strike started. And they are still giving tickets to the people. They gave some yesterday too. They are saying they will send us forcefully on Tuesday.

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