We are protesting outside today.

We are protesting outside today. Some people are cooling down because they are hungry but others are protesting. They are hungry for 3 or 4 days. They are feinting because they are not eating anything – only water, only water, only water. Some people can’t chant any more. More people are coming down now from their rooms.

When there is no media coverage and nothing is happening everyone’s cooling down. Yesterday people were saying they giving up. They way they are treating us, is very bad. We need immigration to finish the fast track. I’m here for 6 months and I’m on fast track. They said they would finish everything in 14 days. Please, we want more media to come down here to spread our voice to the people outside.

I’m very thankful to those people who are who spreading our message and sending message of support. Thank you very much from all of us. This is not a single man’s voice, this is from us all.

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