I am the partner of someone

I am the partner of someone who is detained at Harmondsworth detention centre near heathrow airport in London. he was detained and took to a police station in Feb 2015 and was remained there for 90 hours in the police cells and then he was taken to Harmondsworth detention centre. My partner is an Asylum seeker and currently awaiting on his case to be decided. Now when I first got to the detention centre he was given a solicitor to contact however that solicitor said they are the wrong people to help him in his case. He has also been suffering from depression and has had anxiety attacks which detention centre has made his health worse. He hasn’t slept or eaten. I have visited him 3 times now and the conditions I have whitnessed is horrific. A member of staff at the detention centre had told me their self that the centre is going to ‘collapse’ and they said they are running shortage of staff. When I visited him I wasn’t allowed to sit next to him it had be either next to him or across from him and I am his girlfriend. We only get 2pm until 8:45 with detainees and it’s hard because he is based in London and I am near Liverpool, it’s not only emotionally effecting him but it’s effecting me, I haven’t eaten,slept or even attended my college. I am suffering from depression and it’s gradually deteriorating. It’s horrible knowing I can’t do anything to help him but contact the social media and get involved in protests and just to visit him to keep that smile. They get treated like animals I have witnessed it myself. They are human beings not seminars and we deserve to be treated with dignity and with respect regardless what the skin colour is,religion or culture. The immigration system is racist and vile and this needs to be ended once and for all. Thank you for listening.

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