We the detainees at Harmondsworth immigration centre are demanding that

There has been a lot of injustice and inhumane treatment and abusive of human right by the government and home office to asylum seekers in this country.

it isn’t a crime to seek asylum and UK has the highest rate of human right abuse.

in that case we the detainees at Harmondsworth immigration centre are demanding that

(1) all the detainees on fast track process are removed from fast track.
(2) the facilities are outdated and deteriorated.
(3) the health care are poor and detainees can’t see a doctor even in emergency.
(4) detainees are detained unlawfully in the detention centres as if they are criminals.
(5) detainees are given poor food.
(6) physical and mental health of detainees are worst than they were before they came into detention.
(7) detainees are treated as animals by the home office.
(8) due to the vulnerability of many detainees in the centre, some of them cannot afford to hire lawyers and barrister to defend them, the only option they have is to use legal aid appointed by the home office to act on their behalf. those people from legal aid are working hand in hand with the home office.
(9) there is high rate of human trafficking around the centre. the more a detainee is moved from one centre to another the more money the security company get.