My partner who is currently being detained at Harmondsworth

My partner who is currently being detained at Harmondsworth Colnbrook detention centre asked me to contact to inform you of his situation. It’s not very nice at all. First of all he been in this detention centre for nearly two weeks now and he is on medication for health problems and the security and other workers are refusing to give him the medication he needs. What is wrong is if they miss meal times they aren’t allowed to eat when he first arrived at the detention centre he didn’t eat for over 24 hors due to missing meal times with traveling from one detention centre to the other. There’s also many other times when he has missed meal times due to him been ill and weak bed because they haven’t let him have his medication and they haven’t even offered him anything to eat either. He seen people try and commit suicide (cut themselves really bad, what’s not nice to see) due to the way they have been treated in there they lock the cells doors @ 8pm and treat them like prisoners most of them including my partner hasn’t done anything wrong just the home office is refusing everyone who is on fast track not listening to the people just straight refusing then if my partner got sent back to his own country he will be killed I am really scared for him as he is on a fast track but I’m also worred and scared for how Harmondsworth colnebrook detention centre and the home office are treating him. I think its disgusting how they are being treated and something needs to be done about it at the end of the day they are human and with stud what I’ve heard what goes off, I wouldn’t treat an animal like that. Thanks for listening to me.

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