Now they give me another charter flight ticket, they give me a ticket for 28th now

Already, already going to come say is that if you can come here and see how people are suffering here, me, I’ve been here for the past eight
months now, and I’m not a criminal, I didn’t do anything, I didn’t commit any crime, just overstay. And they delayed me, they detain me for
the past 8 months and I don’t even have even to [inaudible 00:33]. And again, let me tell you this, I HAVE BOTH OF MY PARENTS ARE HERE AND THEY ARE BRITISH.

Home Office is now telling me that it’s because I’m overstaying, I’m an adult, I can not depend on my parents any more, I should be on my own, that’s why they detain me. And since then I haven’t committed a crime at all. If you see many old people here, many disabled people they are here, for myself I have been here for the past one year, one year close one year three months, one year four months here.

And I still want to talk about the charter flights, every two months I think, every two months is the charter flight to Nigeria and Ghana. Because I’ve been here, I’VE BEEN LIVING IN UK FOR EIGHT, NINE YEARS I DON’T HAVE ANYBODY BACK HOME. I GOT MY FRIENDS HERE, I GOT MY BROTHERS HERE, I GOT EVERYBODY HERE. And then [inaudible 01:50] is to coming back
to Nigeria. Can you imagine the kind of prison? How can you… What do you want me to [inaudible 02:01] be enough?

So, I’ve been finding things difficult, difficult in here. I don’t have access to anything. Now they give me another charter flight ticket, they
give me a ticket for 28th now, yes 28th, that flight on 28th. THEY SAY THEY WANT TAKE ME BACK TO NIGERIA WHICH I DON’T HAVE ANYBODY.

So things are not been fine for me here, even for most of us here, things are not fine at all and I believe most people don’t know what we
are going through here in detention outside. So if Detained Voices can help to recount to everyone outside to know what we’re facing here,
maybe can be getting better in here. So that’s little I can say for now.. Even know people that can Upper Tribunal, they still have to
deport them.

Last charter flight they give me, it’s like, forced ticket, they will give you forced ticket, every time they give you a ticket. SO MOST PEOPLE GO IN UPPER TRIBUNAL, THEN TO A… SOME IN A HIGH COURT. THEY DON’T EVEN WAIT TO GIVE THE JUDGEMENT, THEY JUST PUT THE PERSON ON THE PLANE AND TAKE THE PERSON BACK HOME. IT IS NOT FAIR.

So just want everybody outside there to know what we’re facing here. WE ARE BLACK, WE ARE AFRICAN, WHAT WE’RE FACING HERE IS TOTALLY WRONG. So I don’t know what maybe government or people can do about that, but I believe Detained Voices will help [inaudible 04:09].

I am here now – my doctor came from Medical Justice, DOCTOR CAME TO SEE ME TO ASSESS ME 3 MONTHS, NO 3 WEEKS AGO, AND DOCTOR CONFIRMED THAT I DID NOT FIT TO FLIGHT, I DIDN’T FIT TO FLY AND I DID NOT FIT TO BE DETAINED HERE AND THE HOME OFFICE WOULDN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Just they ask, I think they don’t care what the doctor is saying and doctor
send every document to me and to Home Office. They didn’t reply, and they still want to force me to back home so *sigh* I’m even devastated now, I don’t know what to do anymore about, I’m not finding things easy at all. Things are getting worse and worse and over and over. So that’s it. I received from many people that going to Detained Voices, many people they are requesting for your number to speak.

So that’s it.

Post-deportation statement: This is my story


This is my story.

I am asylum seeker. I was deported without a decision on my asylum application. I AM ONE OF THE DEPORTEES THAT WAS DEPORTED TO NIGERIA ON 24TH OF JANUARY, 2017.

I am asylum seeker. I claimed asylum in June 9th, 2016. I was housed in [inaudible] in NASS accommodation in October 2016, Home Office house for [inaudible]. I was on benefits, asylum support, £35 weekly. I receive a letter from Home Office that they would carefully consider me as soon as possible, in November 2016. So I should be reporting every 2 weeks in Sheffield Immigration Centre.

I went for reporting every 2 weeks without missing any weeks. On 26th of January 2017 I went for reporting in Sheffield Immigration Reporting Centre. I was detained by Immigration and held at Manchester airport for 2 nights. After 2 nights at Manchester airport I was taken to Harmondsworth detention centre around 11pm.

The next day, on Sunday, when the solicitor and support group were unreachable, I WAS GIVEN A TICKET FOR THE CHARTER FLIGHT, SCHEDULED TO LEAVE 2 DAYS LATER, WITHOUT DECISION ON MY ASYLUM APPLICATION. I have only one day to pursue any legal avenue to stop the removal and managed to lodge a judicial review, but they did not allow me to receive the confirmation. I was lock up, not allowed to go out. I wrote a letter to Immigration, I dropped the letter in the complaint box. I explained my situation to them, but no reply.


During the flight I managed to speak to Immigration inside the flight. I explained my situation to Immigration that I have been living in UK since 2007, 10 years now, I claimed asylum June 9, 2016, Home Office know my story, Home Office said they are going to protect me, including my family, under human rights protection, I no decision on my claim yet, my application is under consideration.

And the Immigration [on the plane], asked me this question. One, have you ever been in prison? I replied no. Have you ever commit any crime in the country that was UK? I replied no. Why have you been detained? I said I don’t know why. Why do they want to deport you? I said I don’t know why. They told me, they have computer inside the flight to know everything about me, and he left.

When he come back, I am like an hour later, I reply, you couldn’t find anything? There’s the pieces of paper my caseworker gave to me. He wrote a different story about me and about my application as well, that I have been refused? I did not appear in the court in the country? They are all lies, because I did not receive any letter to confirm that. So Immigration took the piece of paper from me. When we land in Lagos, Immigration told Nigerian Immigration that we are not criminals.

So I’m talking to you now. I don’t have any families in Nigeria any more. All my family has been killed by insurgency terrorist group. My caseworker make a decision to deported me without a decision on my asylum application. [Sigh] He make decision on the 24 – that was January – to deported me on the 31st, without know to me. I don’t have any families in Nigeria any more.

My family has been killed by insurgency terrorist group called Boko Haram in 2005. Our church was burned down including the congregation. All my families was dead. I’m very lucky when I’m in the campus when it happen.

After I left my school campus I was on the road for 2-3 hours running to another state which is Lagos state. When I’m finally in Lagos state I was weeping, crying every day.

After 6 month on the road, sleeping on the street, I met a good Samaritan, that start for me again. I told my story, and he managed to get a visitor visa for me to UK. After arrive UK, the agent took my passport from me, he said for security purpose. He took the passport away. I did not see him again to today.

All the years I spend in UK, I got help from my uncle, my friend, my church, because I’m destitute. I was [inaudible] accommodation from each of them and support for some cash as well. My friend and my church advised me to seek legal advice about my situation. My solicitor make application and send it to Home Office about my situation. And Home Office reply after 3 month that they would protect me including my families under human rights protection.



Thank you, this is end of my story. Bye.

My ex-husband said he knows I am being deported next week. He is waiting for me. He is planning to kill me.

I am in immigration detention. I have been in Yarls Wood, the women’s detention centre since September. I claimed asylum which was refused because of my sexuality. I am a lesbian which is not ok in Nigeria . I appealed, which was also refused. My lawyer has put in a second appeal to the Home office, and I am waiting. I have heard nothing back from them. My sister, who lives in London went to my MP’s office. My MP has called the Home Office but they ignored her. My lawyer is working to help me in my situation. But I have still heard nothing from the Home Office, instead they have given me a deportation ticket for next week.

Last week my friend called from Nigeria, she is looking after my 4 children in Nigeria. My ex husband called her , he is trying to take my children away from her. She has been forced to leave their home with my children. My ex-husband said he knows I am being deported next week. He is waiting for me. He is planning to kill me.

I have been in uk for 6 years. I had to leave Nigeria because I was scared of my husband. I was forced to marry him in an arranged marriage. My husband is trying to kill me, he has reported to the police that I am coming. They are all waiting for me. My lawyer has given me a letter to show to the guards at the airport. It says- I still have case with Home Office, and that my husband will kill me if I am deported.

I don’t want to go on that plane. I can’t go.

I have been living a miserable life since I was born, because I have to hide my sexuality. I cannot be free. I thought in UK I would be able to be lesbian and live free. But now they are trying to deport me to a country where I will not be safe because of my sexuality.

Since I have been in detention two of my children cannot go to school. Because I cannot work and send them, money. I send my children to school, without my husband helping. He doesn’t give them any money. If he kills me- who will I look after my children? They rely on me.

They should give me and my children a life. They should spare my life because of my children. I am begging.

If they take me back to Ghana I will kill myself.

I came to this country in 1999, to be with my brother and my sister. I have a wife here. I have been in this country for almost 18 years.In 2012 I applied as an over-stayer. The Home Office didn’t respond. Nothing. I waited. I checked with my solicitor and they still have no response from the Home Office. I reported my situation to my MP in Peckham, London, they wrote the Home Office for me. They said they had spoken to the Home Office, but still I heard nothing back from them. I waited another 2 months and went again to my MP. Again they wrote to them. Still I heard nothing, In 2015, 3 years later, the Home Office wrote to me saying I had been refused. Why? I have been here long time, I have family here.

After I was refused the home Office told me to report at the immigration centre every 2 weeks. I did this. One day I didn’t go to report, because my sister had passed away in Birmingham. I wrote to them to tell them I would miss one week. The Home Office was not OK with this. They called me and told me to go to the immigration centre in Croydon. I went to Croydon and they interviewed me for a long time. After the interview they gave me a ticket to go back to Ghana for THAT night, at 10pm. I went with them to the airport, though I had no money and non of my things with me. The officer offered my £20 to return to Ghana with- are they insulting me?! I cannot return to a place I haven’t been for 15 years with £20. My ticket for the flight was cancelled. But I was not released, instead they took my to the detention centre.

The way they are treating us is in the detention centre is very, very bad. The toilets haven’t been cleaned for over a week- they are disgusting. The food is very bad. They know the food is not good. Last night they just gave me bread and rice, no sauce, nothing. When you go to the healthcare here- you have to queue for over 1 hour, just for painkillers.

On Wednesday they give me another ticket to Ghana. Now they have given me a ticket for the charter flight next week.

What do the they expect me to do? They are trying to deport me when I don’t have one penny in my pocket. How can I leave me wife in this country? How can I leave my brother and his children in this country? My family and my life is here in the UK. If they take me back to Ghana I will kill myself.

I have been in this country for almost 18 years. I have applied for asylum because I am not safe to go back there. The Home Office know this, I have given them all of my evidence. I have no criminal record, no contact with the police. Just the Home Office making problems. The Home Office don’t respect me. They don’t listen to me. They don’t listen to my wife. It is not OK to treat people like this.

The Home Office don’t follow the laws of this country. We all follow the law, but they don’t. It is not fair.

Human life is more important than immigration status…. We need you to help us stop the charter planes.

Here in Harmondsworth people are being maltreated. I am diabetic, and I complained that the food is not good for my health. I have a Kidney problem. I complain several times. But up to now nothing is being done. I found a lump, but when I went to the doctor in the detention centre, they were angry. They do not listen. The doctor told me it is just fat. But now, they do tests and they discover it is a lump. Our lives are not important to the people working in the detention centres, or the Home Office. It is not good for the UK to be like this.

When you have insecure immigration status, you don’t have life. Your life is not considered important. It should not be like this. Human life is more important than immigration status.

We need the government to come and talk to the detainees. There are lots of secret here.

The people that they deport, and put on the charter flights. Those people loose their lives. Everything gets worse for them. It is not good.

Some people have been in the UK for 10 or 12 years, then picked up and sent back. When they go back, they have nothing to live on. We must do something about it. We are speaking to people back home, in the churches, to raise money to help the people. But the Home Office is making life more difficult. When you have no criminal record and have stayed in the UK for long time – you should not be deported.

We need you to help us stop the charter planes.

The Home Office say I cannot stay here with my parents anymore.

Both of my parents are in the UK, they are British. I have been here, with them, for over 5 years. But the Home Office wants to send me back to Nigeria. The Home Office says I am over age, I am now 21 years old. The Home Office say I cannot stay here with my parents anymore. My brothers are here. I am in fear to go back to Nigeria, there is fighting over land. They killed my brother. They killed my grandfather. I came to England for protection, I seek asylum here. I believe the UK could help me

I give the Home Office all of my evidence. The Home Office know about everything. But, they want to deport me back to place where I don’t have anybody. Another charter flight is coming- they want to put me on it. I am scared. I won’t be able to survive. I don’t have any family there. I have no body there. Is this fair?

Many people are deported to Nigeria, then they have committed suicide. They have died after being deported. They have to become criminal because they have nothing there. It is ruining peoples lives. They have nothing there, they have no-where to live.

This is injustice. The UK government must stop this.

I have been detained for over 8 months. In detention you see disabled people. I have notes from the doctor because I am pissing blood, but here is no medical attention in the detention centre. People are dying here. I don’t understand I did not think UK is like this.

Nobody hear our cry. We are crying. Please we need to be rescued. Please can anybody helps us?

…they don’t like all kinds of things, government is not allowing. So they just abused me, kicked me. I tried to escape from them, that’s why I am here.

I came from Nigeria in 2010, the problem is, I got problem with my ex-wife. During that time I met a white guy ,R, he came to Nigeria. We met and along that, he liked me, he looked after me, that’s why I go with him. During that problem I don’t know where is my wife and my kids, its a long situation. You know in Nigeria, they don’t like all kinds of things, government is not allowing. So when people get out with white people, so they just abused me, kicked me. I tried to escape from them, that’s why I am here.

I met another people here, because of fear from my country I was here you know, I tell them about my story, they know what I am up to. He said don’t worry I will take care of you in this country, but then he treat me badly and abused me. Its a long story. I then left his house, to be honest I slept outside in the train station for 2 weeks before I get another place to stay. It makes me sad when I remember it. In detention here, a lot of people here different different story, what I know some people don’t like me now, I cant go back to my country. So I have to find ways to make myself, what I try to do, people that I met here just try to put me through, that’s why I am in detention here, because someone gave me the document to work, and then they caught me when I was working. I did not want to steal anything, I just wanted to feed myself and make my life comfortable for me. I just used it to find something to feed myself, how am I supposed to think about it. Because I am not a scrounger, I used this country to save my life. I am not here to disrespect this country or disobey the law. Just before I lack in education, I didn’t know what is right, what is not right. Until I get this problem, I met different people.

We share what happened to us here in detention, people can say okay I am a drug dealer, I did this and that. So if I said them about my story they say I am not supposed to be here and in like that. All I know here different people that are, they are not supposed to be here.

I applied asylum this year and another friend and they approached me with asylum, my application made in January this year , I applied for bail last week it was rejected.

My fear is if I have to go back, they know about my relationship with me and R that’s why I had to come here, this kind of thing they don’t allow it in my country, people no allow it, and government is not allow it, if they catch someone like that they will be killed and they will be put in prison , and secondly like my life, when I remember, that memory for my, I lost my family, my wife, I didn’t see them, I don’t know where they are , like since 2009 my life is too sad, I care about my life and I just do it on my own. I don’t know why this thing happened to me.